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My name is Bilal Rıdvan Tekeç. I was born in 1997, Sinop. I have 4 pretty sisters. My mother is a housewife and my father is a teacher. After I graduated from Aksaray Science High School I won the Abdullah Gul University and language course scholarship which is in America for 1 month. My department is computer engineering so I interested in technology, science and math. I am in preparation school at my university and I have been learning English for 5 months from experts who are from different countries. They follow different education methods and I learned so much teaching system from them professionally. I have an international friends who is from Morokko and Sri Lanka in my dormitory room so that I can get to know different cultures easily and communicate with several people who are from different regions. I have worked on university newspaper and I have learned how can I write and edit a magazine or cultural websites. In addition, I am a blogger and I write my experiences about travelling and engineering.  I am a humanist and compatible person so my communication skills are so powerful. I can communicate with every people from 4 years old to 70 years old. I have various friends as vegan, traveller, businessman etc. because of that I am open minded person. I like taking photographs that interesting places and humans so that I have lots of knowledge about photograph art. I interested in sports like basketball, volleyball, snowboarding and swimming thus I have lots of experiences about sports. In addition I have bronze medal from a basketball tournament which plays on citywide.

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Disability Status : Not Disabled
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English : Fluent
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Spanish : Basic
Other : Romanian - Basic
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