YINFO - Gençlik Bilgi Merkezi Derneği

About Organisation

The association was established to enable and develop the youth information and youth works on 17th July, 2013. We are aiming to establish new partnerships with individuals and organizations which are working in this field, take responsibility to be executive and develop their activities which will be implemented via cultural, sport and art activities.

Organisation directs its work mainly towards the target group consisted of especially
socially and economically disadvantaged young people aged 15-30.

Activists with the following aim(s);

– to fight with hate speech, exclusion and ethnocentrism
– Supporting personal and social development of young people
– Promoting active citizenship and democracy among the society
– Encouraging young people to take initiative and participate in democratic life
– inclusion and integration activities for disadvantaged young people and immigrants

YINFO - Gençlik Bilgi Merkezi Derneği


Phone : info@yinfo.org.tr
Email : info@yinfo.org.tr
Website : www.yinfo.org.tr

YINFO - Gençlik Bilgi Merkezi Derneği

YINFO - Gençlik Bilgi Merkezi Derneği

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  • Venue : Alleben Mah. Şair Nabi Sok. No:1/17 Şahinbey/Gaziantep-TURKEY
  • Country : Turkey/Gaziantep
  • Type : NGO
  • Contact person : info@yinfo.org.tr
  • Facebook : facebook.com/genclikbilgimerkezi
  • Twitter : twitter.com/genclikbilgi
  • Skype :

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