Turkish Ex-Europen Voluntary Service Volunteers' Association

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“Turkish Ex-EVS Association”” was founded with the aim of disseminating the knowledge and experience of ex-evs volunteers to the future volunteers whom not experienced, need information and guidance.

For this aim we are in contact with (future) volunteers to promote European Voluntary Service (EVS) in order to give them a chance to enhance their intercultural learning skills by making EVS in Europe and to have different experiences at European context. Additionally, with the help of EVS we believe volunteers begin to have awareness about their own cultural characteristics and opportunity to compare the similarities and the differences with other cultures. Regarding that, such an awareness help young people have a tolerant perspective with a European dimension.

As an ex-evs association we believe each young who did not have a chance to meet with a different culture and lived in a limited/closed perspective should make EVS. For that reason we promote EVS in many different contexts including educational, non-governmental, and governmental and youth institutions.

Besides, in local community we are working with hosting organizations as a coordinator organization. We believe EVS is a good opportunity for the local NGOs to create international partnerships in European level, for both sending and hosting. That’s why we are trying to take an active role with our accumulated experience. Our experiences in EVS and YIA consist of the know-how and practices of our members, ex-volunteers and our network with other institutions. Hence, we have a noteworthy knowledge and skill on YIA and EVS that we would like to share and distribute through our association and use them as a tool for being a sending and coordinating organization. Although it seems we are a recently founded organization, there is a significant level of experience about EVS and its phases depending on our ex-evs members. Also we are a member of NEVA (Network of ex-EVS Associations) that helps improve us and share the recent information among ex-evs associations.

Two years ago we got out of our egg as a tiny dinosaur and keep growing up enthusiastically. As an association acting in the field of youth our vision is to become a YOUTH nongovernmental organization having an active role during all the processes of European Volunteer Service. Our basic mission is to be an INFORMATION BRIDGE between ex and future European volunteers and to help passing on the gained experiences, observations to the following volunteers by organizing various EVS INFORMING and DISSEMINATING meetings and projects. Additionally, it is one of the main parts of our mission to provide diffusion of EUROPEAN VOLUNTEER SERVICE, VOLUNTEERING CONSCIOUSNESS, YOUTH MOBILITY and NON-FORMAL EDUCATION to wherever we can reach.

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Turkish Ex-Europen Voluntary Service Volunteers' Association

Ayşe Kavas

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Turkish Ex-Europen Voluntary Service Volunteers' Association

Turkish Ex-Europen Voluntary Service Volunteers' Association

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