KaramanYouth-Karaman Gençlik Kulübü Derneği

About Organisation

Karaman Youth Club Association was established on 30/11/2010. Our club as a youth club has the main goal of helping the young people. Our purpose goes beyond religion,language, race and thought. We will perform this through social, cultural and free-time activities.

KYC has 50 local volunteers, within this volunteers there are 3 refugees.
We are working with 7 different NGO’s in our city and we help each other during activities. At a national level we work with different NGO’s in different cities. We  carry out activities, dissemination of the activities, question-answer in youth Works, improving the activities and more. We keep in touch eachother by group of facebook, phone, skype and e-mail.  At an international level, we keep in touch with more than 200 different organizations in different countries (Europe and neighbor countries). We contact each other through different social media specially by differents facebook groups. In our network we have more than 1000 contacted young people in different cities in Turkey who would like to volunteer for the ngo as national ( mainly for international projects).

Our club, the most influential people in the development of the country to develop youth physically and mentally, among young people in religion, language, race, creed, and thought unrequited aid and young people, regardless of social, cultural and free-time activities within the framework of allowing the media to prepare the assessment is in line with their interests and skills; sports activities, based on competition, photography, painting, sculpture, computer, guitar, violin, reed flute, bağlama, English, hand-skill courses, model planes, youth projects, historical and artistic studies, conferences, panel discussions, symposiums and training sessions such as these are helpful to youth with to be established. 

Our club develop any Project for refugees and now working with refugees young people.
Our club is hosting association for Erasmus for Young Entreprenuership Programme. We can be host any entreprenuer in our club to work with them.
Our club is hosting association for Erasmus Internship to university students. (We had 2 Spanish interns between dates 1st of Semptember, end of December 2016.)

We are EVS coordinator, sending and hosting organization since end of January 2017.

Our club has be involved in a variety of activities so far. Concerts, Social and Cultural Trips, EU projects, International and National Youth Projects, Common Training Courses (entreprenuership, guitar, binding, violin, model airplane, theater, folk dance, art...) Afforestation and Environmental Protection Projects are some of them. Our club have these activities with the purposes to know different cultures, to share the the cultures by combining in a common denominator, to know Europe and the youth living in Europe and it will do that with the same purposes.
Our interested topics are;
-Youth, children and adults (including Refugees and migrants)
-Music and dance
-Healty Life
-Human Rights
-Active Citizenship
-Foreign Langueages
-Social and culturel activities
-Environment and Recycle
-Non-formal learning
-Intercultural dialogue

KaramanYouth-Karaman Gençlik Kulübü Derneği

Ayşe Yağmur SÜZER

Phone : +90 338 213 68 69
Email : karamanyouth@gmail.com
Website : www.karamanyouth.org

KaramanYouth-Karaman Gençlik Kulübü Derneği

KaramanYouth-Karaman Gençlik Kulübü Derneği

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  • Venue : Külhan Mh. 021 sk. No:66 70100/Karaman/Merkez
  • Country : Turkey/Karaman
  • Type : NGO
  • Contact person : Ayşe Yağmur SÜZER
  • Facebook : www.facebook.com/karamanyouth.org/
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  • Skype : /karamanyouth