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Center for European Initiatives — is public nonprofit organization, created on the principles of voluntarily participation, human rights, freedom of speech, common interests, self-government and equality of rights for its members, as well as for the protection of our legal interests, rights, and freedoms.

Goal: to assist in the reformation of Ukraine in accordance with European standards, to introduce democratic values, and to develop civil society in Ukraine using educational and informational methodologies.


Develop educational programs directed toward the questions of European and Euro Atlantic integration for Ukraine;
Develop educational programs for young people, directed toward leadership, tolerance, respect for human rights, and the awareness of democratic values;
Develop informational campaigns directed toward the questions of European and Euro Atlantic integration for Ukraine;
Provide the public with free access to informational resources relating to European and Euro Atlantic integration processes taking place in Ukraine and the world;
Develop youth exchange programs between the youth of Ukraine and youth of other countries with the direct purpose of eliminating stereotypes and developing multicultural dialog and collaboration;
Develop international exchange programs for representatives of different professional groups (teachers, journalists, public servants, businessmen, etc.) and their international colleagues with the direct purpose of exchanging ideas and developing collaboration;
Develop a program of local youth Euro clubs and an all Ukrainian network of youth Euro clubs.

Center for European Initiatives

Anastasia Mazur

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Center for European Initiatives

Center for European Initiatives

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