Romanya'da 2 Ay AGH İmkanı (Time to EVS) 1 Ocak 2017 - 1 Mart 2017

Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue : Team for Youth Association Str. Transilvaniei 8/17 430 213 Baia Mare, Romania
  • Country : Romania / Maramures
  • Deadline : 14-11-2016
  • Selection : 15-11-2016
  • Starts on : 01-01-2017
  • Finishes on : 01-03-2017

Project Subject

European Voluntary Services

Romanya'da 2 Ay AGH İmkanı (Time to EVS) 1 Ocak 2017 - 1 Mart 2017

Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details

Team for Youth Association is a cultural youth association, nongovernmental and non-conformist, that develops cultural projects on a regional and European level. The organization uses as a main resource the abilities and competencies of its group of young volunteers. We try to stimulate cultural initiatives through volunteering and to participate to social transformation by activating young people civically & culturally. Through our activities, we promote non-formal education and volunteering, we encourage youngsters to seek opportunities for self-development and growth.

Our staff team is made of 4 members, as it follows: Andreea Tundrea, who is in charge of the sending projects, Tabita Boier – in charge of the long-term hosting projects, Ionut Sabo, who is in charge of the short-term hosting projects and Lucretiu Pop in charge of the PR department. In our hosting projects, we rely on the support of the 3 trained mentors, and one Romanian teacher. We also have a small, but devoted group of volunteers, who offer their help whenever it is needed.
Our target group consists of youngsters from 18 to 35, but we are not so strict about it, and if the participants are really motivated in taking part in our activities, we do not refuse them. What we offer is a wide range of leisure activities, especially with a cultural touch: exhibitions (photos, paintings, postcards, holiday cards), underground theatre plays, concerts, cultural presentations, workshops on different themes.

T4UTH has been an active organization as Hosting, Sending and Coordinating, for 3 years. During this period we hosted around 100 volunteers, both long term and short term, and we sent more than 60 volunteers abroad. We are very motivated to continue participating in the European Voluntary Service, taking into account the success of the previous projects. The presence of the volunteers in Baia Mare had a significant impact on the local community, especially on the youngsters the EVS volunteers came in direct contact with. The volunteers that we sent and have returned from their services, contributed as well to change the obsolete idea that the older members of the community, in general, used to have about volunteering.

If the present expression of interest is an update or a renewal of a former accreditation, please indicate the EI reference number previously assigned: 2009-RO-38

The volunteers will be hosted in Baia Mare, the capital city of Maramureș county. Baia Mare is a medium sized city, with a population of approximately 115,000 inhabitants, which includes several ethnic groups: Romanian (84.11%), Hungarian (12.25%), Roma (2.76%), German (0.24%), Ukrainian (0.16%), Jews (0.02%). Baia Mare is situated in the North-western part of Romania, close to the Hungarian and the Ukrainian borders. The city has a rich history of nonferrous metals extraction, especially gold and silver. Its first attestation dates back in 1329, when it was mention in an official document as an important centre for the mining industry.
Geographically speaking, Baia Mare is located in a depression, so it is surrounded by hills and mountains. There are a lot of spectacular hiking tracks in the area – Creasta Cocoșului, Vârful Igniș, Vârful Pietrosu, to name just a few. The city itself has a number of cultural attractions, several parks, one of the best public libraries in Romania. In the villages from the north of the county, the people still observe the old traditions and customs, and this makes them a great touristic attraction. People living in Maramureș are wildly known for their hospitality; they are nice to strangers and always ready to give a helping hand.
Despite the attractions it has to offer, the county is still struggling to promote its potential. There are little investments in the promotion of tourism in Maramures at the moment and that makes it difficult for people who live from agro-touristic activities to sustain their business. There is a strong need for activities that strengthen the visibility of the area.
T4UTH offers quite a diverse range of activities for the volunteers to be hosted. According to their skills and preferences, they will have the opportunity to choose the activity that best suits them.
Language Clubs – the volunteers will provide free language classes for the youngsters in the local community that cannot afford private tutoring. Each volunteer will teach her or his own language, and will also take care of promoting the club, with the support of the organization. The language clubs will get the locals in contact with methods of non-formal learning, as the volunteers will design the teaching schedule, and the lessons will not follow an official curriculum. Besides the usual grammar and vocabulary bits, the volunteers will also include cultural facts in their lessons, which will largely contribute to the cultural learning of the participants. Not only will the participants improve their language abilities, they will also get in contact with new cultures and will have the option to learn foreign languages that are not usually taught in schools.

Intercultural Evenings – an activity developed in partnership with the Museum of Art from Baia Mare. The volunteers’ task is to prepare a presentation of their country, with emphasis on what they think is important for others to know. The presentations include information usually available on the internet, but what makes them special is the way the information is delivered. Each volunteer will leave their personal mark on the presentations, and even if there will be two presentations of the same country, we can be sure they will be completely different. The activity gives the volunteers the chance to take pride in their own culture and civilization, and the audience the opportunity to know a country from a personal view, beyond what it is shown at TV or in touristic presentation on the internet.

Workshops – T4UTH offers a number of workshops for the youngsters in the local community, as an alternative way of spending the free time. The volunteers can choose to lead or take part in the already existing workshops or they can propose new ones, according to their skills. If their proposals are doable in the frame of the organization’s capacity, and the youngsters show interest, then the staff will offer their support and help the volunteers organize them. So far, T4UTH has organized creative workshops (face painting, origami, and badge painting), self-development workshops (empathy and active listening, non-verbal language), traditional Romanian dances, balloon twisting, street juggling, and creating percussion instruments.

Activities in foster homes – T4UTH has a long and successful partnership with the social Care and Child Protection Department. Both local and foreign volunteers have had activities with the children and teenagers from the foster homes under the aforementioned department. The EVS volunteers will go accompanied by local volunteers, who will help them communicate with the kids and with the staff from there. Their task will be to prepare recreational activities, games, sports competitions; to spend time with them.

Activities in schools and high schools – T4UTH has partnerships with several schools and high schools from Baia Mare and the surrounding rural areas. The task of the volunteers in these institutions is to take part in the foreign language classes,( English, French, German, Spanish, Italian) and to help the teachers, especially with the reading and speaking part of the lessons. This activity is destined for the volunteers that have as mother tongue one of the languages mentioned before, or for those who are advanced users. Having a native speaker in the class, will greatly help the students in having a better grasp of the language and will get a direct insight in the culture of that particular country.

By taking part in the activities mentioned above, the volunteers will gain the following competences:
- how to use their creativity in projects with and for teenagers and youngsters;
- how to work with children with fewer opportunities;
- how to teach their mother tongue;
- how to use non-formal methods of learning;
- how to plan leisure activities for youngsters;
- how to work in international teams;
- they will improve their social, communication and intercultural awareness.
The volunteers will choose a project that better suits their needs and skills. There is an option for them to be included in more than one project if the environment of each activity allows it. One of the important characteristics of the project consists of the fact that each volunteer will be challenged to organize his/her own schedule according to the activities chosen. This will help them gain time management skills.
The first two weeks that the volunteers will spend in their project will be organized as preparation for the project. The volunteers will get the first pieces of advice from our staff and from our volunteers. They will get to know the environment of their project; will experience for the first time their tasks, will get orientated in the area with the help of our volunteers and will find out about the customs of the hosting community. They will get acquainted with their mentor, coordinator, and language teacher. According to the project they choose, each volunteer will receive special task related tutoring.
T4UTH sketched the general features for the profile of the candidates, according to the activities proposed. The candidate should be between 18 to 30 years and willing to know other cultures, to work with people from disadvantaged backgrounds, to be trained to grow personally and to learn and teach non-formal methods. It is preferable that the potential candidate can motivate themselves to get involved with T4UTH and have the initiative to organize new activities individually or with an international team. The person concerned has to be reliable, patient and used to work with children in order to fit with our usual activities.
The volunteers will come in contact with a lot of people, therefore we consider important that the candidate’s profile fits with the following points:
- Feeling comfortable with the idea of being the centre of attention, comfortable to answer the curiosity of others about them;
- Being an ambassador of their culture and values of the European Union, willing to talk and make presentation about them;
- Being decided to analyze situations, communicate about problems and seek solutions to make things work better, both for themselves and the others, being proactive and confident;
- Being comfortable to work in a team, as well as alone.
Through good communication with the partners, T4UTH will make sure that the available places in the project and the general profile of the candidates are properly promoted and disseminated by the other promoters. The following methods will be used in order to promote the vacant places in the project:
- Presenting the project and the profile of the candidate in local discussion groups and the national Eurodesk groups of the partners, on their web sites and Facebook pages;
- Sending emails with complete information about the EVS project and availability to high schools and universities in the partner countries;
- Contacting suitable candidates from databases built by partner organizations;
- Involving the local media in promoting and presenting EVS available positions.
The transparency of the recruitment process is based on teamwork and communication between the Hosting Organization and Sending Organizations, between the SO and the candidates, and last but not least, between the HO and the candidates. The sending organization will agree on the proposed general profile and announce specific vacancy by all means of promotion. They will collect application forms of interested candidates and, together with the Host organization, will choose the one who fit the profile.
The organizations involved will try to advise the volunteers according to their needs and skills; project activities are made flexible enough to satisfy various interests the volunteers might have.
In the first two weeks of the project, the volunteer is invited to experience a wider range of activities undertaken by the host organization, giving them the opportunity to choose the ones they feel appropriate to their skills, abilities, and interests.
The volunteers will always be guided by a mentor in order to them adapt to their new lifestyle and activities. The proposed profile was drafted in such manner as not to exclude anyone, regardless of their ethnic origin, religious views, sexual orientation, social background, education.
T4UTH is able to host 30 volunteers at the same time.Team for Youth will keep permanent contact with the volunteers, in order to prevent any risks, and to manage crisis situations that might occur. Upon their arrival, the volunteers will receive a folder containing information about the city, the project, the host organization, the phone numbers of the project coordinator, of the mentor, of local volunteers, emergency numbers (police, fire department, ambulance). They will also get a Romanian sim card, which they will have to use for the entire period of their stay.
Any crisis situation will be dealt with in the shortest time possible. In the schedule, there are weekly meetings with the mentor, but the volunteers can call their mentors anytime they need to. A special attention will be given to integrating the volunteers in the new community, to make them feel safe, and not have the feeling of being intruders.
In order to prevent crisis situations the following measures will be taken:
- The volunteers will be permanently accompanied by teachers and support staff during their activities;
- The volunteers will not be put in situations to be responsible for the safety of the children they work with;
- The volunteers will receive linguistic support from the coordinator, the mentor or the local volunteer every time they need it;
- The flats where the volunteers will live are not situated in dangerous areas;
- The volunteers will be informed about the rules and legislations of the host country;
- Each volunteer will get a map of the city, where the important sites will be marked: hospital, police station, T4UTH office, pharmacy, etc;
- All the rented flats have internet connections, so the volunteers can easily keep in touch with their families, friends, sending organization; in emergency situations they will also have the possibility to use the phone from the office.
In case there might appear conflict situations between the volunteers living in the same apartment, conflicts that cannot be solved by the mentor, the host organization has the possibility to change the flat repartition of the volunteers.

We are not planning of hosting volunteers under 18.

Project Financial Details

Visa, Accommodation, Food costs are covered by Project Budget as %100

Travel costs is covered as 275 Euro max.

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