Makedonya'da AGH Fırsatı (Haziran) 2019

Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue :
  • Country : Macedonia / Bitola
  • Deadline : 24-05-2019
  • Selection : 27-05-2019
  • Starts on : 10-06-2019
  • Finishes on : 08-08-2019

Project Subject

Proje kapsamında 2 gönüllü Makedonya'da kısa dönem gönüllülük yapma şansı elde edecektir.

Proje Makedonya'nın Bitola şehrinde gerçekleşecek olup, gençlik alanında faaliyet gösteren bir sivil toplum kuruluşunda gönüllülük faaliyetini içermektedir.

Gönüllülük faaliyet içerikleri, kurumun amaçları doğrultusunda yerel halk ile gerçekleştirilen gençlik çalışmaları ve sosyal sorumluluk faaliyetlerini kapsamaktadır.

NOT: E-mail aracılığıyla yapılan başvurular dikkate alınmamaktadır.

Makedonya'da AGH Fırsatı (Haziran) 2019

Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details

"Together Macedonia" is one of the independent representatives of the network of Togetherorganisations ( It is a non-political, non-profit making youth organisation created by young people leading an active social life, believing in cross-European co-operation and intercultural experience, and wishing to get more experience in this field through developing various projects in the frames of the European Programme "Erasmus +". 
Its main aims are giving youth possibilities for creative development, spreading of European culture in the field of international youth exchanges, European Volunteer Services, promotion of realization of cultural, art and sport projects, spreading information about and for youth.
We are also cooperating with the Municipality of Bitola, who is ready to provide support for any our actions, including hosting and sending volunteers, and some other NGOs in the region in order to have a positive local impact from the activities that we do.

Why do we want to have an EVS volunteer?
We are convinced that hosting European volunteers in this region will have an immense positive effect on local community, contribute to the sharing and promoting of European values, and increase understanding and tolerance towards differences in the cultures. This kind of mentatity also assists in challenging stereotypes and fighting against racism and xenophobia.
It is important to us that EVS volunteers who work with our organization have an invested interest in the projects they are assigned to and are committed to develop and add value to the working team at Together Macedonia, but also to the community of Bitola.
We are looking for EVS volunteers who are motivated to learn Macedonian language and English and at the same time, to develop their personal skills and competences.

What are our activities?

Local activities:
◦ “CLIMB program” (Civic Leadership Program Bitola)
◦ “The International Sound” – (UKLO FM Radio)
◦ “English Conversation Hour”
◦ International Day of Volunteering
◦ International Day of the Children
◦ Bit Fest, ‘Kaleidoscope’
◦ Local Projects
International activities:
 Together Macedonia is a part of the greater ‘Together’ Network and participates in many International Training and Exchange Programs.
◦ European Volunteering service (sending and hosting)
◦ International Trainings and Seminars
◦ Youth Exchanges

Institutions for volunteering

1.Institute and Museum

The National Institution "Institute and Museum"-Bitola, Republic of Macedonia, is a Governmental and non-profit institution, which collects, researches, preserves and presents valuable and unique intangible and tangible multicultural heritage from Bitola and the region, from the Neolithic Age to the present day, and educates a wide variety of visitors, bringing them closer to the artefacts for a better understanding and respect of them.
2. Kindergarten
These are public institutions eligible for the care and education of children. Kindergartens are providing health care, food and daily stay for children in accordance with their developmental needs up to 10 years of age, organized and divided into more types of groups.
* 50% of the volunteer activity will be directly working with children in the kindergarten.
* 25% of the volunteer activity will be related to work in the surrounding district. The volunteers will accompany the social worker during the work with the children and their families in the neighborhood.
* 25% of the volunteer activity will be language training

3. Together Macedonia
The volunteers will work in the organization as assistance to local volunteers, some of whom are ex-evs themselves from Macedonia and abroad. If needed (in the case of short-term EVS, for example), there will be an additional person in charge, responsible only for the volunteers.

Project Financial Details

AGH kapsamında katılımcıların;

*Yol mesafe limitine göre karşılanacak
*Yerel ulaşım
*Faaliyet masrafları

gibi masrafların tamamı proje kapsamında karşılanacaktır.

Istanbul Arel Üniversitesi - Gençlik Çalışmaları Merkezi

Istanbul Arel Üniversitesi - Gençlik Çalışmaları Merkezi

Contact Person : Mahmut IŞILDAK
Email :
Phone : +90 850 850 27 35 (Dahili: 1113)