Looking for Romanian EVS Volunteers - Istanbul

Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue : Türkoba Mahallesi Erguvan Sokak No:26 / K 34537 Tepekent - Büyükçekmece
  • Country : Turkey / Istanbul
  • Deadline : 02-11-2017
  • Selection : 03-11-2017
  • Starts on : 11-12-2017
  • Finishes on : 11-02-2018

Project Subject

"A Head Full of Dreams" is an EVS hosting project.Within the project, we will host 2 volunteers for 58 days from Romania.   Istanbul Arel University is the hosting organisation and Team For Youth is sending organisation.

Volunteers will be working in Istanbul Arel University's Tepekent Campus which is indicated in below.


Looking for Romanian EVS Volunteers - Istanbul

Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details


Working hours and days off:
35 h per week, Monday - Friday, 2 consecutive days off per week.
2 days holidays per month for the duration of the project.
The EVS will develop mutual understanding between people from Turkish and European cultural backgrounds.

Time Table:
Planning the week and meeting with staff
To promote Erasmus+ and EVS program itself by writing articles on our youth magazine, website, blog
To join university social activities with our student clubs to work on youth information
Language Support

To take part in the social responsibility courses with other students to improve trainers skill and social competences and take photos or shoot videos from preparation period
To work in the University Erasmus+ Office with other volunteers and youngsters
To support us in "social responsibility courses" and youth information

To support our work in EU institutions (SALTO Euromed Youth RC and CoE) such as acting as a support person in organizing international events, trainings and seminars
Office work related to youth information such as blog writing, social media follow up, youth newsletter design
To support us Networking with local, national and international level

Art and Sport Activities with student clubs (Short film, theatre, music, dance, swimming etc.)
To join university social activities with our student clubs to work on youth information
Language Support

Personal Development Workshops with student clubs (Language courses, speaking courses etc.)
Workshops related with Democracy and Active Participation with Student Clubs
Evaluation of the week and reporting results & learning outcomes

We will also offer the volunteers to take a responsibility in the organisations’ logistic part if they want to learn more about NGO management and organizational skills.


Lodging:  food / accommodation:

Volunteers will stay in a flat which is in local center.
There will be a private room for EVS Volunteers and 2(two) volunteers will stay in the same room.
Volunteers will have 100 EUR(per month) for  food and lunch will be served in week days.

Working hours: The volunteers will be active in the project for 35h per week (language lessons are the part of it, as well as the on-arrival and mid-term trainings. The last ones are considered as 8 hours per day). Arrival and departure days do not make the part of volunteering time. There are 2 days off per week, normally Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes, there will be activities also during the weekends, and it will be possible to recuperate these days afterwards during the week.

Pocket money: The volunteer will receive pocket money in the amount of 90 euro (in Turkish Lira currency with the daily exchange rate) at the beginning of month (1st-5th) via bank transfer.

Local transport: There are always free shuttles belong to our university goes for free to the main campus. Volunteers’ can use them whenever they want. There are also free schedule busses goes to near centrum every day for free. Volunteers are allowed to use them all for free.

Language support: The language learning is an important thing in the frame of the EVS. AREL will arrange the „language learning opportunities“. We provide one time per week a language lesson training for 4 hours and is for all the volunteers of the coordination. This training is not compulsory, just the volunteer needs to tell if he/she cannot participate in several sessions or do not wish to take the advantage of the trainings. There will be no courses for all levels, neither different schedules of the training. But surely the success of language learning will depend on the volunteer’s motivation.

Risk prevention, protection and safety: We think it's very important that the volunteer is well informed about the work. The organization will fulfill duty regarding the prevention of the risk (there will be mentor provided for each of the host volunteer, the mentor  will have previous experience and she/he will be well prepared for this work). The first weeks we will guide her/him through an introduction about the working place and all safe routines there. We will also guide her/him through the area where the volunteer lives, the apartment and safety routines in case of danger. Although, the projects (in the working environment) does not contain any risks for the EVS volunteers, in terms of injury or alike (there is no particular danger about the activities we propose). In case of problems, we also have contacts for specialists and we’ll try to solve problems and minimize the risk. We’ll involve a specialized person, who has knowledge and experience to work with people with fewer opportunities if needed - that to be done in the frame of reinforced mentorship). As an organization during out projects we haven't had injury case during previous projects but we have established relations with the hospital for emergency cases. Our project will be opened for young people aged 18 and above.

MENTOR: There will be a reinforced mentorship provided to the volunteer in case he or she will need it. Especially if these will be complicated cases, we will ask a person, who has knowledge and experience to work with people with special needs, to assist our volunteer. So we can be sure that the young person will get as much support as it is possible in order to feel secure, comfortable and confident within the project.

Project Financial Details

Pocket money: The volunteer will receive pocket money in the amount of 90 euro at the beginning of the month (1st-5th) via bank transfer.

There is a grant 275 EURO provided for international travel cost from home country to Istanbul and the way back.

The volunteer will have lunch at the university, and volunteers will get money for breakfast and dinner about 100 EUR.

All the expenses related with visa and residence permit will be covered up to 250 EUR per volunteer.

Istanbul Arel Üniversitesi - Gençlik Çalışmaları Merkezi

Istanbul Arel Üniversitesi - Gençlik Çalışmaları Merkezi

Contact Person : Mahmut IŞILDAK
Email : youth@arel.edu.tr
Phone : +90 850 850 27 35 (Dahili: 1113)