Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue :
  • Country : Greece / Ayion Oros (Mt. Athos)
  • Deadline : 20-03-2018
  • Selection : 22-03-2018
  • Starts on : 01-05-2018
  • Finishes on : 31-10-2018

Project Subject

Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti


Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details

IASIS NGO began its function, in order to provide therapeutic and consulting services for psychosocial matters to people that need it. We are running a lot of projects, which have to do with facing mental health problems of individuals and their families. In our goals we could include the provision of services of early diagnosis and treatment of adults and their families, the organization and function of units of reception and provision of sufficient care to adults with psychiatric disorders, the function of units that host vulnerable social groups, the organization and implementation of a consulting and supporting way of treatment, the provision of specialized psychiatric services and psycho-educational interventions, the prevention and raise of awareness of the adults’ family for his needs, the organization and implementation of intermediate structures of diagnosis, therapeutic treatment of mental disorders, and reinstatement back to society, the planning of interventions to the community in order to raise awareness for general matters (social responsibility, etc.) and for more specialized matters (such as immigration, people with special needs, etc.), the collaboration with hospitals and other psychiatric facilities, so the continuity of care is ensured by organizing a network in the community, the training of Health professionals in matters of Mental Health, and last but not least the implementation of research programs.
Our projects so far can be summarized in the following:a)Units of Rehabilitation (Boarding House, Shelters etc),b)sheltered houses of semi – autonomous accommodation,c)Day Center,d)Youth Day Center ,e)organization and implementation of seminars, conferences and speeches on matters of health and education,f)programs for volunteers and practical exercise for university students,g)collaboration with other institutions for common actions and research, and h)participation in European Programs, in order to set up a network with institutions from other countries, and in order to train the personnel of our organization.
IASIS NGO’s personnel consists of professional of several different specialties of mental health who form the Interdisciplinary Therapeutic team of IASIS, but also there are employees like the attendants who considered as equal too.

Project Financial Details

Konaklama, yemek ve yolculuk masrafları  karşılanmaktadır.

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YINFO - Gençlik Bilgi Merkezi Derneği

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