Human Rights Education for Rural Youth

Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue : Lake Park Hotel
  • Country : Albania / Pogradec
  • Deadline : 28-12-2015
  • Selection : 31-12-2015
  • Starts on : 12-03-2016
  • Finishes on : 21-03-2016

Project Subject

human rights

Human Rights Education for Rural Youth

Project Type

Capacity Building

Project Activity Details

Project “Human Rights Education for Rural Youth” aims to enable  rural youth to advocate for human rights, by filling the educational and skills gap that exist between highly educated youth and youth living in rural areas.

The project make use of three main activities as its main pillars: Training course, Capacity building activities, and Seminar.

A1- Training Course (12-21.03.2016):

TC on Action Research and Human Rights Education will be the opening activity. It will gather 3 participants per country, active youth from rural and remote areas, one of them will be coach leader/ staff member of partner organization and the others will be members of research teams.

The training will enable them to understand similarities and realities related to human rights education level among partner countries, in urban and rural areas. It will serve also to develop tools and methodology –action research- to asses compare the situation. The main issues addressed from the training will be; Action Research and Human Rights, Leadership skills, Campaigning. During the training the participants will set a research plan for their local environment, and also an activity plan for local campaigning.

A2- Capacity building activity (April-August 2016):

Action research in respective countries. The topic will be related to Human Rights Education of youth. This will serve to create a baseline on the issue and define the main needs to be developed in the near future. It will be followed by a campaign sharing the findings of the Action research. The action research and campaign will both work on raising awareness of the main actors on the issue, and helping youth to get more informed.

Each partner organization will do action researches in their local communities, using of the following tools

-Focus groups meeting (10persons per meeting, 2 meetings) total 20 persons

-Survey (100 questionnaires)

-Interviews 3 main local actors (NGOs local authorities and schools)

-Information campaign

Participants who are going to attend in the training course should work on capacity building activity. Please be sure that you can share your time for this following process after training course.

Who can apply?

Active youth from rural and remote areas
youth adhering in CSOs
Fluent in English
Be over 18 years old
Being active and motivated to create ideas for future projects
Able to participate in field activities (action research, campaign etc

Project Financial Details

Hosting organization will cover 100% of food and accommodation. Travel costs will be covered based on travel distance calculator by European Commission. For Turkey it is 275 euro.

Travel costs will be reimbursed via bank transfer after the activity on condition that participant was present in all activities, has used cheapest means of transportation and submitted all original invoices, boarding pass and tickets.

Association of Renaissance Institute

Association of Renaissance Institute

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