EVS in Poland for 6 Months (1 Volunteer - April 2017)

Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue : Place Wolności 5/5 57-500 Bystrzyca Kłodzka
  • Country : Poland / Dolnoslaskie
  • Deadline : 30-03-2017
  • Selection : 31-03-2017
  • Starts on : 20-04-2017
  • Finishes on : 20-10-2017

Project Subject

We are looking for EVS Volunteer who would like to be volunteer for 6 months in Bystrzyca Klodzka, Poland.

The project is for 1 volunteer who are willing to work with young people.

EVS in Poland for 6 Months (1 Volunteer - April 2017)

Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details

Europejskie Forum Mlodziezy (EFM) is a body active at the European level organization from Bystrzyca Klodzka, focusing on youth projects. In our activities we work with a range of young people from all over the world, particularly with disadvantaged and those who have limited opportunities (e.g. caused by specifics of place they live in - small town and/or a rural area, disability).

Our goal is to promote European awareness, passing on accurate and relevant information to youth groups and the local community about the EU integration process. EFM strives to develop local democracy and stimulate more involvement and desire to participate in the international activities and shaping up the future.

Our activities include workshops and trainings, international youth exchanges, conferences, seminars, open air music events designed to effectively tackle the concerns of young people and the local communities. The target group of the organization's activity are generally young people from high schools and youngsters with fewer opportunities. The number of members of our organization is 20.

There is a possibility for the volunteer to take part in a number of activities within our organisation, for example:
1) Offering non formal education opportunities in form of language conversations or discussions on actual themes for local people.

2) Visiting local schools as a guest to loosen up traditional language lessons (German, French, English) with a more personal and non formal approach, giving guest presentations about the volunteer`s home country or participating in European School Clubs.

3) Participating in the monthly 'EuroWeek' camps for young people from all over Poland and leading presentations at these camps on various subjects (EU, stereotypes, the volunteer's country etc).

4) According to his/her interests and choice, the volunteer can work, in organizing workshops on different topics (voluntary work, active citizenship, human rights, cultural awareness) in the schools from the region.

5) Another example of a typical activity is the work in the kindergarten. The volunteer can join this activity by preparing and organizing different activities for the children in order to help them learn how to socialize, how to lose fears and how to play. There is also a request of basic English, German lessons for the children.

6) EFM is also cooperating with the Orphanage in Bystrzyca Klodzka. There the volunteers will organize meetings, workshops, and lessons for the children in order to show them what civic work means, that tolerance and human rights in general are values that must be respected. Also the volunteers will organize outside activities for the children, games, sports activities and walks in the forest.

7) DPS (house for old people) is another activity we support. There the volunteers can play bingo and other group games with the people hosted, can accompany them for a walk or help the staff in providing them with food.

8) Helping in the office. Volunteers are not required to work in the office but if they enjoy helping with these tasks or they require this experience they are welcome to help us in this way.

9) Writing for 'OKO', the monthly magazine published by volunteers for local young people.

10) Working on up-dating the EFM website - designing the graphics, improving the layout or information, translating the texts.

11) Organising cultural events for local people.

Candidates who apply have to be Turkish citizens or their principle residence has to be in Turkey.

We prefer to host volunteers who are easly able to speak English.

Project Financial Details

% 100 of Food, accommodation, visa, and other fundamental living costs
All international travel costs will be covered by the EVS programme (within the limits)
Pocket money is also will be given to the volunteer.

All financial details will be re-calculated in the volunteering agreement.

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Istanbul Arel Üniversitesi - Gençlik Çalışmaları Merkezi

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