Europe – Gallipoli – Arab Revolt: EGAR

Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue : 172 NEW KENT RD LONDON SE1 4YT
  • Country : United Kingdom / City of London
  • Deadline : 15-11-2015
  • Selection : 15-11-2015
  • Starts on : 14-02-2016
  • Finishes on : 22-02-2016

Project Subject

Art  and Media

Europe – Gallipoli – Arab Revolt: EGAR

Project Type

Youth Exchanges

Project Activity Details

The EGAR programme will deliver 5 stages throughout the Youth Exchange programme:

 Work Development training

 You:ME

 Creative Skills

 E-Film production

 Film Launch Work

Development training: participants will develop a range of Life and Work skills, to assist them into long term employment including: Communication; Inter-personal; Respect; Understanding; Employability; Team skills. All young people will also participate in accredited training sessions, and will obtain a work-based qualification, based on their own careers interests and objectives. Qualifications will include: Health & Social Care; Digital/ICT; Sport Coaching; Teaching; Leadership; Construction.

You:ME: participants will learn about each other, their cultural backgrounds and how WWI affected their countries. They will learn and practice different languages, through games, theatre role plays and photography-based scavenger hunts. Participants are assigned to different teams and learn about the differences in UK, Israel, Jordan and Turkey pre and during WWI and the changes in society post WWI. Participants will consider identity; ideologies; democracy and different types of citizenship. Participants will also learn about Propaganda used by all Countries during WWI and how this has influenced modern Medias, Creativity and one’s understanding of Society.

Creative Skills: Participants will take part in a range of Art-themed informal learning activities, investigating the WWI. Skills will include: Theatre & Drama skills; Literature & Article composition; Photography skills; Music; Film-making skills; Digital and Social Media skills. Near the end of the activity, participants will come together and decide on a Film theme that represent young peoples’ understanding of WWI and their own thoughts on the events between 1914 to 1918, and the after effects.

E-Film production: Participants will appoint a Director, who will assign roles to participants including: Script writers; Producers; Actors; Photographers; and Editors. They will all work together, over a 3 day period to film, produce and edit their final film.

Film Launch: participants will spend 3 days preparing for their own Film Festival and Launch, marketing it through online channels and social media, learning at each step required for a successful launch.

Project Financial Details

Travel cost: 270 euro (from your place to project venue)
Visa cost: 30 euro (rest of amount should be paid by the participant)
There is a budget issue since London is very expensive and the project budget does not cover accommodation&food costs as 100%. The participants must pay for their dinner, approximately 15-16 euro per day.

Accomodation will be covered by project budget.

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Association of Renaissance Institute

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