Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue : Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Tennuri Caddesi Akçadağ İş Merkezi 33/2 PK 38040 Atatürk Evi Yanı MELİKGAZİ- KAYSERİ
  • Country : Turkey / Kayseri
  • Deadline : 01-03-2016
  • Selection : 05-03-2016
  • Starts on : 01-04-2016
  • Finishes on : 30-09-2016

Project Subject

Our participants will organize youth informations in universites,high schools and the place where there are lots of young people. Generally our project will have project subject which Youth (Participation,youth works, youth policy), Inter-cultural, intergenerational learning themes. During the project we will use non formal education methods.
Our project aims are:
• - To contribute to social, cultural, artistic, athletic, scientific and professional development of youth.
• To contribute to the social, cultural, artistic, athletic, scientific and professional developments of youth.
• To support the adaptation of young people who has limited opportunities and offer them to help.
• To contribute to have a youth that has the love for people and nature, respect for the human
• rights, democratic values, attitudes and behaviors.
• To contribute to creativity of youth.
• To inform youth about oportunities of Erasmus + Programme
• To create positive perception about volunteerism.
• To reach interaction about intercultural of youth


Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details

ACCREDITATION NUMBER: 2014-1-TR01-KA110-000112
PROJECT REF. NUMBER: 2014-3-TR01-KA105-014451

Tasks: The volunteer will serve and do his/her activities mainly in the International Youth Activities Center Association but he will be involved also in the other activities that take place in the other centers; such as, high schools, universities, youth center etc.

Volunteers will be involved in the following activities:
 To prepare International Youth Bulletin;
 To give basic information about youth activities in universities: European youth opportunities;
 To update website of the youth center (Facebook page and databases);
 To participate in every special events organized by the Youth Center;
 To participate in the meetings in high schools;
 To manage on the web radio programmes;
 To participate in every special events organized by the Youth Center;
 To participate in street forums;
 To organize English conversation clubs;
 To organize intercultural activities.

Profile of volunteers:
− Age between 18-30 years old,
− Have an Interest in youth issues,
− Willing to get involved in communicating with young people,
− Having Team spirit,
− Responsible, creative, curious, open-minded,
− Good competences in using computer, internet, social networks, etc.

Countries: SPAIN  and  ROMANIA
Duration : 180days  01.04.2016 - 30.09.2016 -  2 Volunteers

Countries:  ITALY  and  ROMANIA
Duration : 59 days  01.10.2016 30.11.2016 -  2 Volunteers

Project Financial Details

As a Coordinator and Hosting organization, we will manage budget of the project.
Volunteer’s Pocket money:  We will give pocket money to each volunteer during volunteer works. We will give 80€ to each of them per month (in cash).
Accommodation: We will provide flat to volunteers which will be student flats of our organization (It may be possible to share the same room by a few volunteers).
Food and local transport: We will provide kitchen with equipments to volunteers. Volunteers will buy their food materials and they will cook themselves.
We will give 350 TL to each volunteer for food and local transport supplement.

International Travel:  
Each volunteer will be responsible for buying their own flight, bus and train tickets. When they bring all documents to us, we will reimbursement of expenses in euro (in Cash).
Reimbursement of the travel expenses: Travel budget is counted and changes according to distance, so your maximum travel budget will be like following;

Maximum travel expenses
ROMANIA per volunteer 275€ 500 – 1999 KM
SPAIN per volunteer 530€ 3000 - 3999 KM
ITALY per volunteer 275€ 500 - 1999 KM

***If the volunteers have expenses that are over maximum travel expenses, they will be responsible for the rest of the expenses.
***Each volunteer has to provide their travel documents to us (flight ticket invoice with boarding cards, bus and train tickets).
***If the volunteers don’t provide documents to us or lose boarding cards, there won’t be reimbursed of the expenses under the rules of the European Commission.
If volunteers have visa expenses, we will cover %100 of them from project budget. Turkey does not apply visa for EU Member countries along 90 days (not over 90). It means short-termed volunteers don’t need visa. For long-termed volunteers, we will manage their visa procedures together. We will get the residence permit for the long-termed volunteers from Turkish Government.

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