Arnavutluk'ta 6 Aylık AGH Projesi

Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue :
  • Country : Albania / Tirane (Tirana)
  • Deadline : 31-01-2016
  • Selection : 03-02-2016
  • Starts on : 01-04-2016
  • Finishes on : 30-09-2016

Project Subject

Media and Communication, International Cooperation

Arnavutluk'ta 6 Aylık AGH Projesi

Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details

Volunteering for Youth Voice project idea came out during discussions in “Youth Voice : One Step Closer to Sustainability in Youth Work ” training course in order to support establishment of Youth Voice Network where participants were agreed.
As member of network we are in charge of providing human resource and ICT service. We plan to fulfill our responsiblity through out volunteers we sent by increasing partner organisation human capacity.
Volunteers will promote our relation with partner organisations in Albania, Spain and Armenia which will increase visibility of each partner organisations in the network platform.
The project will be held between 1st of April 2016-30th of September 2016 in Spain, Armenia and Albania in different 4 organisations. In each organisation will receive 2 volunteers and we will have chance to send totaly 8 volunteers abroad for voluntary service.
Volunteers will have chance to develop their personal and professional skills during their service.
Long term impact for partner organisations will be developing common quality and value in youth work which will led them to serve better for young people.
Furthermore, Network have mission to increase awareness and promote producing solutions about issues encountered by young people and NGOs. Volunteers are placed in the center of the projects will be a role model for other young people because of their service in different countries.
One of the issue of young people is visa requirement for Turkish young people will be highlighted in the network platform.
Link of ongoing work of the specisific issue can be found below.
Volunnteers who take part of the project will have chance to develop their personal, professional, educational skills which will help them to find better job in market. Therefore project is related with one of Erasmus + priority which is decreaseing youth unemployment.

Eligibility Criteria & Application
 To apply this call, volunteers are required to prepare and send Europass CVs and motivation letters by indicating  name of the Project  and country (ex.Volunteering for Youth Voice, Albania) applied in the subject line of the e-mail to, untill 31.01.2016.
 Selection will be done by considering volunteers’ CV and motivation letter. In case of need, EVS Programme Manager and Assistants may contact to volunteer to have online or face-to-face interview.
 Priority of Renaissance Institute to accept volunteers are:
– Basic knowledge in online media & content management systems,
– Basic skills of graphic design & web design,
– Basic skills of written and verbal communication in English,
– Willing to work in international level & helping young people.

Project Financial Details

 Travel cost is 275 euro for round trip.
 Food and accommodation will be 100% covered by the project budget.
 Visa cost will 100% covered by the project.
 The pocket money which is 55 euro will be given every month (at the beginning).
 One person will provide support on everything that has to do with the support of the service of volunteers. There will be a mentor with previous rich experiences.
 Volunteers will work 6 hours per day in 5 days of a week. They will have two consecutive days off per week. They may need to take day(s) off in religious holidays (if any). Volunteer can take two days holiday for each month.
 There will be language courses in Armenian.
 Accommodation information hasn’t been shared yet by hosting organisation.

Association of Renaissance Institute

Association of Renaissance Institute

Contact Person : Hatice Yıldırım
Email :
Phone : +905060000000