2 Turkish EVS Volunteer Needed (Short Term-February 2016)

Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue : Mateevici 79 str., Chisinau, MD-2009, Republica Moldova
  • Country : Moldova, Republic of / Chisinau
  • Deadline : 15-12-2015
  • Selection : 20-12-2015
  • Starts on : 01-02-2016
  • Finishes on : 03-03-2016

Project Subject

This is an EVS project going to take place in Chisinau, Moldova.
It will be short term - 1 month project including 2 volunteers in the same time.

Volunteers should be Turkish Citizens or living in Turkey with residance.

2 Turkish EVS Volunteer Needed (Short Term-February 2016)

Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details

“MilleniuM” Training and Development Institute is looking for two enthusiastic young people who would like to develop a European Voluntary Program in Moldova.

The role of EVS volunteers will be assisting the receiving organization in its activities. Most of the activities of MilleniuM have been implemented for many years, and with the support from the volunteer, we would like to give a new touch to our working process, a new Intercultural and European dimension, creativity and new ideas. The main role of EVS volunteers in the organization will be to assist in organizing and conducting activities according to the priorities of the organization as well as to his/her personal abilities, aspirations, and creativity.

The proposed programs you can apply are:
PR and Social Media
As our organization is mainly focused on developing training courses on a both national and international level, as well as Youth Exchanges, Trainings of Trainers and European Voluntary Service sending/receiving, the volunteer would be responsible of promoting these projects on social networks. This will imply : writing and posting announcements about selecting and recruiting participants, designing posters, broschures, agendas and Project description materials, editing pictures and making short concluding videos of the events and activities developed by the organization. Also, this project is focused to create different kinds of campaigns in promoting an active citizenship attitude especially to the youth, but also to the other community members, in Chisinau and in small rural areas. MilleniuM’s projects exist starting from EVS volunteers ideas, so if the volunteer is interested to create and to realize new activities, we will support him/her with all possible resources and of course with advice and local connections. The volunteer is employed for a maximum of 30 hours for week. Timetables are planned week by week according to the activities. Specific needs will be discussed with the project coordinator. All the activities are thought to help the volunteer to improve his competences and acquire new ones. At the same time it is an occasion of formal and informal learning.

Thematic discussions of European Youth Club

Our organisation has planned to open within a Youth Center in Chisinau, an European Youth Club, where youngsters could benefit from trainings, discussions and informative meetings, over the topics like : Active Citizenship, Discrimination, Time Management, European Union , etc, in order to develop and put into debate ideas that would contribute to their personal growth. The Activity duration will be divided into several different thematic weeks or months (like Month of European Cooperation, Month of Intercultural Communication, Month of Cultural Tolerance, Month of European Projects etc.). During these months sets of different thematic activities ( action days, round tables, movie screaning, open circle discussion) are organized for and by young people, being coordinated by the volunteer. The volunteers will work together with the coordinator of the project and other staff
members of the organization to identify the most topics that are of a high interest and concern for young people.
The concrete tasks of the volunteers here will be:
- identification of an interesting discussion topic for young people;
- together with the volunteers and the staff of MilleniuM to preparing discussion materials/presentations for the club meetings;
- preparing and disseminating announcements of these activities for young people; -
together with the volunteers animating club meetings for young people and preparing short reports of these activities;
- to disseminate the printed and other promotional and information materials on European Youth programs and structures (in particular on Youth in Action Programme);

In accordance with volunteers personal and professional competencies we plan to include volunteers in developing and creating new programs of non-formal education for spending leisure time like:
• Promoting volunteerism and activism / we plan that volunteers are going to volunteer present methods of youth work and work of youth centers, organizations form their countries. to present their earlier experience as volunteer;
• Creative and recreational programs for youth
• Also we plan to give volunteer an opportunity to develop new projects on a local and international level / write cycles of design and management, fundraising etc.
Volunteers of MilleniuM will be valued members of the team and participate in the weekly team meetings.

Weekly schedule for the volunteer:
10:00- 13:00- Assisting the team in implementing or preparing for the activities of the ongoing projects;
13:00- 14:00- Lunch break;
14:00- 15:00- Planning and preparing for their own activity with youth;
15:00- 16:00- Workshop/ club/ training activity;
16:00-17:00- Leisure activities for and with youth;
17:00-18:00- Networking/ promotional activities/ office work;
Saturday- Sunday- free days.
Language lessons (2-3 times per week)

Project Financial Details

The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance of 135 euro, which includes pocket money, local transport money and food money and Accomodation is provided.

International travel cost will be covered up to 275 EUR

Available Downloads

  • MilleniuM EVS.pdf.pdf

"MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute

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