La La Land Movie Review

La La Land Movie Review

Guess who's back ? :) Wow. It's been 2 years already, and I gotta say, It's good to be back. I've missed all of you. So this year is the turning point of our lives. After 40-45 days we will enter the exam that determines that are we smart or not (at least only in Turkey :/ ) And I think before that we should give a little time for social activities. Like reading book or going to movies. That's what I did yesterday. I was stressed out and I finished my all tests, and I said to myself "How about I'm giving myself a prize by watching a movie." Then I checked the list of movies, and this film was thedecision that I made. But unfortunately this movie was out a month ago and not all of the theathers were showing this film in that moment. Bakırköy was the nearest one, and I went there (little reminder I live in Beylikdüzü and everywhere seem to far away from me :) ) Anyway I went there and while I was on the road, I was thinking about "Did I make a good decision? Because everyone were talking about the new Return of Xander Cage and I decided to go a romantic movie all by myself (forever alone am I right? *ba dum tss* :D). Well its actually more than just a romantic movie. It's dramatic,fun to watch and the most importantly, It's all inspiring. It shows that If we don't give up in our dreams, It will happen one day..And what a perfect thing to watch while we're in the marathon of the exams. Well that's a long intro :) If you don't want to hear spoilers I strongly suggest you to not read the second paragraph.

Without Any Further Ado Lets GO

Since the invention of the cinema, there's one element that if we remove it from the film itself the whole film will be boring and unwatchable, and that element is M U S I C. Like seriously If we think about it for a minute, remove the music of your favourite movie of all time, then watch it again. Even the silent cinema uses music.

The point that I'm trying to make is music makes the fundamentals of the movie.Some of them are good, some of them are bad and some of them are GLORIOUS :). Like this film. Film starts in a traffic jam leap into an energetic dance number, using their vehicles and each other as props. It’s an old-school movie moment, all about color, energy, and joy.

(what a fun way to start a movie)
But there's a one thing that I have to mention it because all these love relationship started there. Lead actors Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) were in that traffic, and Mia was too busy to do driving she didnt even see cars moving. Sebastian was mad at that moment because he's behind her in that traffic.
Then they started to see each other in several occasions. Mia is the person who wants to be an actress and goes selections for it. In other hand Sebastian is the person who's a pianist and wants to be open his jazz club because he thinks that "Jazz Music" is slowly losing his listeners. If we look it in the both way, They've got dreams to make them come true. And that's the biggest part of that movie, that's the biggest part that they're together.

But in order to make your dream a reality, you have to give it all in. And that takes time.And that's why Sebastian set foot in the first step by joining a Jazz Club instead of making it. Then Mia was disappointed the fact that he gave up his dream. Then in heat of that moment, frustrations happened and it ended up with separation. But then Sebastian realized that he did say something unkindly to her and afterwards he started rebuild that passion that she always has in her soul. Then he successfully rebuilt that passion and she finally selected for a movie. But like I said earlier she had to give something in in order to reach her dream. She exactly did just that and went Paris for the shoot.

Films have the ability to time travelling. And this part of film like "The Romantic Version of Interstellar" I don't know you're watching or not but there's kinda same scene on that movie too.They see things before nobody else can see it. Or it is just a imagination. Movie moves on to 5 years. After 5 years she and his friend (Well actually I couldnt figure out who he is but in this review I'm gonna call him his boyfriend) decided to have a dinner. And the place that they're about to go is the place that Sebastian's dream... His own place and his own club.. The moment Mia walked out that isle and they saw each other in eye the eye, that is I think the best part of that movie. They started to see how would it be in the future If they were together (and that's the scene that made me cry). And the film ends with the musical that tells what happened from start to finish. And also I forgot the mention that the film is divided for 4 seasons. So every season there's a different musical in the end. In the end I almost gave a standing ovation but then I realized that this isn't live, people over there won't see me clapping over there :)

Well I chose right movie to watch. Especially before all those exams. Because this movie taught me that "don't quit your dreams, do whatever it takes." And also i like movies that makes you cry, happy, and thankful at the same time. So this movie made my favorite movies list.

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