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My name is Cristiano Bee. I am a researcher at the European Institute of Istanbul Bilgi University, where I am currently working on a grant sponsored by the European Union which is focused on Active Citizenship in Turkey. This project aims at gathering information about the impact of the EU initiatives targeting young people in Turkey, but also to provide evaluations about different events (such as occupygezi) for youth activists. Ultimately, I’d like to gather information on the different values associated to active citizenship. You can find a short description of the project as well as some information about my profile at this link: http://eu.bilgi.edu.tr/en/programs/marie-curie-turkiyede-organize-sivil-toplumun-avru/ and www.actineurope.com

I am currently looking for participants willing 1) to be interviewed for my research (in february/march) 2) help me distribute an online survey (in June/July). In particular, I am looking for representatives of youth organizations working in different areas (anti-discrimination, gender, equality, culture, education, environment, health, LGTB rights, etc). 

If you agree to participate at this stage, this will involve being interviewed once in person and it is expected that this interview will last around 45 minutes. I can conduct the interview at a time and place that is convenient for you. İf possible, I would like to record and transcribe the interview. All interview data received would be treated with the utmost respect and would be stored in a secure place. However, information concerning my project, including interview data will be shared with my project supervisor and any other appropriate staff at the University.

In order to remove any concerns that you might have about the ideas and opinions you have shared during the interview, I will remove any information that identifies you such as your name, position and age. You will be able to withdraw from the project at any time until June 2016. At this time, I will have to present the data we have collected and will also be in the process of evaluating my findings and writing up my main research report. A copy of my final research report will be made available to you, if requested.

I appreciate your giving time to this study and if you have any questions, please contact myself at cristiano.bee@bilgi.edu.tr

Mehmet Çetinkaya

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