New Media and NGO's

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  • Deadline : 20-01-2017
  • Starts on : 21-10-2017
  • Finishes on : 29-10-2017
New Media and NGO's

"New Media and NGO' s" project aims to raise awareness and capacity of youth workers and youth associations

With the emergence of the new media concept, the domain of the media has expanded . This growth brought new opportunities and problems. Young people and youth organizations affected most by these opportunities and problems. We want to raise awareness and capacities of youth workers and youth working associations with our "New Media and NGOs" project. We are looking for 9 different project partners (associations only) from 9 different program countries. If you are interested in our project, please send PIFs of your organization to . Our project will be held in İzmir, Turkey on 21-29 October 2017. İzmir is a big and attractive city for young people both in Turkey and Europe. As Pi Youth Association we are a serious and working youth association with responsibility in projects and partnership relations. Please visit our English web site and our English Facebook page to learn more about our association. If you are an organization that believes in teamwork, accountability, ethical concepts and common values of the European Union, please contact us. We will send you more information about the "New Media and NGO's" project when we believe that you are a suitable partner for our project after sending PIFs . Warm Regards .

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