Call for Partners: "New Horizons for EVS Organisations"

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  • Deadline : 24-04-2017
  • Starts on : 10-01-2018
  • Finishes on : 16-01-2018
"New Horizons for EVS Organisations" is a Training Course that will take place in Köping, Sweden on 10-16 Jan 2018.
We (Köpings Bordtennisklubb Internationella) would like to improve the quality of the projects in the frame of EVS. Cause of the last minute partnerships or not agreeing on the participant profile creates huge problem in the long run, both hosting and sending organizations. Within this project we will be able to share good and bad examples in the frame of EVS for contributing the development of high quality projects. Sustainable partnerships will be formed after our project and we would like to carry out our projects we want to carry out the work on the elaboration of that comply voluntarily with the requirements and expectations.

-  Pioneering the establishment of sustainable partnerships
- Improving the quality of EVS projects in the youth field
- Providing the suitable projects for young people with fewer opportunities
- Dealing the quality issues on the EVS projects organized for young people with fewer opportunities
- Create an awareness about EVS and youth work

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