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TABALA is a Spanish non governmental and non profit cultural organisation that contributes to create long-term links between different persons and organizations.
Our target groups are young unemployed people and adult learners from Castelló and our main aim is to support the people with difficulties. Our organization promotes concepts of development, inclusion and importance of volunteering culture .As well we promote solidarity and tolerance to foster the social cohesion and cooperation among different UE's countries.

The institution focuses on institutional capacity-building for individuals and institutions through training programs, conferences, workshops, as well as creation of partnerships with other institutions regionally and internationally providing a platform for the exchange of experiences. With the aim to increase knowledge and capacities of leaders by strengthening independent thinking, social tolerance, conflict management, free dialogue, and leadership.

We believe that sharing experiences among youth from different cultures, nationalities and with different background enriches the mind-set of the youth and give them better chance to develop themselves as well as developing their society which will eventually leads to development for our countries and international society. Therefore we offer specialized non-formal pedagogical courses and support to Youth Leaders local and internationally such us solidarity projects, project management, journey preparation, seminars, study visits...
Also we offer international opportunities for young people, from one-week group exchanges to one-year volunteering emplacements. As well we organize leisure and sport activities for young people such as camps, summer's schools, and street’s animation ... Most of all these activities are carried out together with our City Hall.

Raymi Navalon,our president, has been working in our Village City Hall since the last 15 years. He is in charge of the Cultural section on behalf of the Spanish Department for Culture Media & Sport.
Based on his previous working experiences and his educational background, he launched TABALA association more than 12 years ago .By that time he established a structured team in formal basis but now days he delivers practical project management guidelines to Association's members when planning future projects.
Also he is responsible of the selection of multi-skilled, qualified and committed education professionals to attend to each activity. Raymi choses our team for their absolute dedication to the profession and their previous expedience, and always taking into account their academic qualifications and competences.

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