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  • Venue : No. 43, bl. 207, ap. 8, Mioriței street - Romania/Arad
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Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue : Arad / Romania
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  • Deadline : 13-04-2019
  • Selection : 14-04-2019
  • Starts on : 05-05-2019
  • Finishes on : 05-07-2019

Project Subject

- to facilitate the inclusion of youngsters from vulnerable groups into society, with a particular attention on youngsters with disabilities;
- to support young people belonging to vulnerable groups, who are often excluded and face important barriers, in achieving their full potential;
- to improve/create the educational infrastructure necessary for the inclusion of 100 youngsters with disabilities in society;
- to increase the inclusion in social and educational activities for at least 30 youngsters coming from disadvantaged groups;
- to promote an inclusive attitude and volunteering in favour of vulnerable groups among at least 200 local youngsters;
- to promote solidarity with persons belonging to vulnerable groups, through local and international volunteering activities involving youngsters from at least 4 countries
- to engage 43 young people and 4 local organisations to create and implement high quality solidarity activities that promote social inclusion;
- to improves the skills and competences for the volunteers;
- to offer high quality solidarity activities that are done in cooperation with relevant local stakeholders, by an experienced hosting organisation, in a partnership that has proven to be effective in several other occasions and previous projects;
- the activities will be properly validated through a through self-reflection and mentoring process resulting in a Youthpass certificate;
- to ensure the participation of at least 11 young people with fewer opportunities;
- to use nonformal learning and peer-education as main tools for social transformation.


Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details

In each volunteering activity of the programme there will be implemented specific measures for local social transformation, that address each of the three main directions of action related to such an objective:
- education: offering educational opportunities to youngsters belonging to vulnerable groups as a mean of facilitating their inclusion in society and also educating their peers to show an inclusive attitude towards them;
- action: direct actions are taken in favour of the target group, either in terms of supporting the development of adequate infrastructure that they need or in facilitating their inclusion through dedicated initiatives that address them (workshops, volunteering opportunities, social activities, etc.);
- inspiration: the volunteers will provide direct inspiration to their peers, who can observe concrete steps that are made by others like them and positive effects of these contributions.
A1. Action - the volunteers will implement specific activities that support the wellbeing of persons with disabilities, mostly targeting the improvement of infrastructure used by them. For A1, we agreed with the "Ghiocelul" center for youngsters with mental disabilities that we will support them in fundraising and creating a therapeutic sensorial garden. The volunteers will contribute to building the special alleys with different texture, planting aromatic herbs with a powerful therapeutic effect, build touch panels that stimulate the smell and touch, build visual panels that stimulates vision, etc. The benefit of this garden for our target group is high, as it: - diversifies the range of services offered to children / young people with severe mental disabilities - offers an alternative to the sensory room (which in other centers was seen to have a beneficial effect on the children) - will represent a community space where parents can interact with each other, and also where the community and young people with disabilities can interact, for increasing social acceptance and support. For this activity, the volunteers will be coordinated by a specialised person, who has experience in construction/renovation work, and a person who has experience in sensorial therapy, for the Ghiocelul center.
A2. Education: the volunteers will implement different activities that aim at raising awareness and promoting inclusion in the community of Arad, related to persons with different disabilities. These actions will be: - organising at least 2 workshops with youngsters in in youth populated institutions (schools, youth centers, youth camps, etc.) - supporting the participation of persons with disabilities in at least 2 different public activities and public events, to foster interaction - organising at least 1 "Disability awareness" event in youth populated institutions, promoting an inclusive attitude and volunteering in favour of vulnerable groups - document the public and private spaces which are not accessible and initiate a campaign to get decision makers to improve the situation - other activities, initiated by the group in cooperation with the beneficiaries, that support the objective.
A3. Inspiration - what we could observe in previous projects related to inclusion of persons with disabilities is that examples or role models play a very important role in determining others to get involved or to be more open towards persons with disabilities. For this, the volunteers will: - promote inclusive messages, writing at least 2 articles in a project blog post about inclusion, and distributing it on all social media channels that they use - promote inclusive messages by creating short videos on the topic, presenting their experience, and distributing it on all social media channels that they use - organise at least one "open doors day" event at the Ghiocelul center, where they invite other local youngsters to also participate and join them in the volunteering activities. - other activities, initiated by the group in cooperation with the beneficiaries, that support the objective In this way, the Romanian experience will represent the basis on which the volunteers will become models for their peers (both from Romania and their home countries), using their work as an inspiration for others to become themselves proactive in supporting the persons with visual impairments and their inclusion.

Project Financial Details

Uçuş masrafları gidiş -dönüş : 275 Euroya kadar tarafımızdan karşılanacaktır.
Aylık toplam 240 Euro (cep harçlığı + yemek ücreti)
Aylık şehir içi otobüs kartı

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