İtalya'da Kısa Dönem AGH İmkanı (Şubat-2017)

Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue : Via della Vittoria, 8, 93014 Mussomeli CL, İtalya
  • Country : Italy / Sicilia
  • Deadline : 15-12-2016
  • Selection : 20-12-2016
  • Starts on : 09-02-2017
  • Finishes on : 10-03-2017

Project Subject

İtalya'nın Mussomeli şehrinde Associazione Culturale Strauss isimli kuruluşta 1 gönüllüye 1 aylık AGH İmkanı

İtalya'da Kısa Dönem AGH İmkanı (Şubat-2017)

Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details

- InfoYOUTH desk;
- Europe desk, that includes the Eurodesk Local Agency;
- “Crea-Impresa” desk;
- Pubblication of the local magazine "L'ALTERnativo;
- “Borsa Lavoro” service for minors charged with crimes of various kind;
- Languages laboratories, art and recycling workshops, journalistic and media laboratories;
- Care, maintenance and beautification of the urban park "Villa Aldisio";
- European Youth Exchanges and Youth Initiatives in Hosting, Sending and Coordinating;
- Seminars, Training Course, Study Visits in Hosting, Sending and Coordinating;
- European Voluntary Service in Hosting, Sending and Coordinating;
- Cultural entertainment and assistance projects for children in elementary schools;
- Cultural and educational projects promoting active citizenship and cultural diversity at middle and high schools;
- Inclusion and integration projects at centers for the disabled and residential communities for minors;
- Projects for tourism promotion and internationalization of the territory;
- Organization of seminars, conferences, Eurocinema, caravans antimafia, exhibitions and various events at the local level.

Project Financial Details

AGH kapsamında katılımcıların; yol mesafe limitine göre karşılanacak
yemek, konaklama, vize, yerel ulaşım, faaliyet masraflarının tamamı karşılanacak

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Gençlik Çalışmaları Derneği

Gençlik Çalışmaları Derneği

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