EVS in Łódź - Poland

  • Kobiety.lodz.pl
  • Added on : 05-04-2017
  • Venue : Kościuszki 48, 90-427, Łódź - Poland/Lodzkie
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Project Practical Arragements

  • Venue : Kobiety.lodz.pl , Kościuszki 48 90-427, Łódż, Poland
  • Country : Poland / Lodzkie
  • Deadline : 07-04-2017
  • Selection : 10-04-2017
  • Starts on : 10-04-2017
  • Finishes on : 30-09-2017

Project Subject

EVS in kindergarten in Lodz coordinated by KobieTY. Project for a Turkish women.

the subject of this EVS is working with kids, participating in self development sessions and working with international festival http://kobiety.lodz.pl/boatofculture.

EVS in Łódź - Poland

Project Type

European Voluntary Service

Project Activity Details

It requires working with kids in the kindergarden and there is concrete schedule and a possibility to develop something for a festival with a cooperation of the kindergarden. It can be an individual project addressed to children during festival (for ex workshops). There is a space for open creation. Volunteer spend 4 days a week kindergarten and 1 day a week in a group meetings in the office to work on personal projects, self development, workshops, evaluation etc.

In Total the organisation coordinates 18 Volunteers in different kindergartens and other institutions ( the sessions in the office and the Fesival is organised together).

To find out more about working in Lodz's kindergarten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGR4nNsGzXE&t=3s
To find out more about festival : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gmdjWGGkA4
To find out more about being foreigner in Łódź: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9OlkE25QZM

Project Financial Details

Like in standard EVS project.

International Travel costs are covered.

Upon the arrival Volunteer have the accommodation with other volunteers (in a city center - on room per max 2 people), local transport card.
85 euros and 380PLN for living expenses.

It is enough to maintain in good living standard in Poland



Contact Person : Krystyna Stawicka
Email : projects.kobiety@gmail.com
Phone : 00 48 732932107