My name is Valeria, I'm 20 years old, I'm a volunteer at the Istanbul Arel University. From 1 to 5 of November I had the privilege of visiting Kapadokya. It's 5 am when my friend wakes me up. You are never quite ready for the emotions that transmit the "land of the beautiful horses" (its name in ancient Persian language) when the sky takes on the tones of orange, red and then, slowly, heavenly and five hundred colored hot air balloons, they look like confetti scattered in the endless streets of the horizon. Kapadokya, together with the Göreme National Park, is characterized by a geological formation that is unique in the world and by its historical and cultural heritage, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The landscape is the fruit of the creative perfection of a nature that has forged strange rocks, aided by wind, rain, ice, and millennia. His landscapes offer a real tour of the world in a few hours, showing deep canyons, caves, cavities, and pyramids of the pointed earth with a sort of hat called "fairy chimneys". It is an open-air museum. Riding between rocks and caves, in a breathtaking landscape, is certainly the best way to get to know these valleys: The Valley of Roses, the Valley of Pigeons (dotted with picturesque pigeons), Swords, Love (look at the rock formations, leave little room for imagination). Cappadocia is also a paradise for trekking, there are many paths along which to walk. But perhaps the most evocative, and even more expensive, way to admire the landscape is to get on a hot-air balloon.

In addition to seeing one the most beautiful place in the world, this was also an opportunity to discover new friendships. We started in 4 strangers, each coming from a different country and the only way to communicate was English. I admit my initial fear but after 5 days I can say I'm back in İstanbul with 3 friends.

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