Small But Cute Country: Romania

Small But Cute Country: Romania

I want to tell you all the experiences I've been experiencing step by step. This is my first overseas experience. I set foot on the soil of a different country for the first time outside of Turkey. My self-confidence is always complete. I have no fear if I go to a different country. I came to Romania on October 25, 2018, at 13:30. I was alone when I landed at Bucharest Airport. The Romanian president of the organization, Volodea, told me that he could pick me up at 8:00 pm. I also got on a bus from the airport to the Bucharest. The bus system in Turkey in Romania with those very different. While we are printing cards in front of the driver, There is a card reading device in front of each door in the buses in Romania. Here the initiative is entirely on the passengers whether you want to push the card. But of course, at a time surprisingly, The bus ticket checkers can ride. If you don't have a ticket, you will be punished. I bought my ticket, of course.

About one hour later I came to the city center. my first impression was positive. I started traveling around the city with my suitcase. I've seen a city trying to protect the historic buildings. After this short experience, I met with the host organization and went to Ramnicu Sarat.
I was waiting for a surprise when I left. I thought I was going to be home, but there was another friend. We got along very well with him. Within the scope of the project, we went to kindergarten in the morning. We spent 2 hours a day with the kids. I learned a lot from them. They love you frequently. Even if we didn't talk to each other, we agreed on the sign language. When I went to kindergarten every morning, it was a great feeling to see the smile on the children's face and run and hug me. I was allowed on weekends only for one month.

I had the opportunity to explore many of Romania's cities when I had a free time. I went to Brasov with a hitchhiking. People here trust each other I learned that. They helped me late at night. To summarize; I went to Bucharest and Brasov. For a person living in Istanbul, these cities are very small. But the people were very understanding and helpful. The nightlife is very nice. One month was enough for me. It's already winter and it could be very challenging. There are other cities to explore, but I did not have the opportunity to go.
I would like to thank everyone who helped us, especially the European Union and Istanbul Arel University.


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