How Does Turkey Taste?

How Does Turkey Taste?

When you read this headline the first thing that could come to your mind is that I mean food. But not, in this article I want to tell you about my vision of this country.

Ben Türkiye'yi çok seviyorum! It's only brief describing of my emotions. What makes me love this country so much?

Firstly, it's variety of opportunities! I was staying in one of the biggest city and my location Beykent is like my native city Sumy by square.

Everything that I want and like and even more I can find here easily! All streets are full of shops, cafes, pubs, entertainments. It`s not possible to be bored here.

Weather and nature were also big pluses for my staying here! As I used to say «I escape from rains and dullness to the warmth". Istanbul presented me this good shiny day. I woke up with sun, warmth and positive emotions.

And nature! I feel completely excited because of these beautiful landscapes and architecture.

Such good conditions made me feel good during the whole project.

And several words about Turkısh dancing and music. Firstly, the songs were so similar to me and I couldn`t understand the “strange” movement of dance. But with time you become a part of this musical calorıt. Turkish dancing are so energetıc! And each region of Turkey had its own type of dance. And songs… of course, it`s not enough time for becoming a fan of this music. But now I can notice the difference between them. And I have got several favorites. Teoman Sonbahar is the best for me.

The other important aspect and plus of my staying here was people. I've found here a lot of good friends that helped me to feel more comfortable like at home.

I was a volunteer here in Arel Gençlik Çalışmaları Merkezi (youth organızatıon). With these active guys, we provided different activities. We visited animal shelters, took part in Englısh speaking club, organized Ice skating and Ukrainian Cultural Day... I really appreciate the time that we`ve spent together and I am so thankful to them!

I felt their support every day, that’s why in such an appropriate environment I developed personally so much. I became a more open-minded person with strong desire to explore everything! There is famous saying "What makes place or city good one? For sure it's people that make a good atmosphere." My new friends left a big imprint on my heart and gave me a lot of unforgettable memories.

We used to do many things together and they showed me a real Istanbul, with all its amazing sightseeing. We visited Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii), Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya), Galata Tower,  Prince Islands (Adalar), Dolmabahçe Palace and such good locatıons as Bebek, Taksim, Florya, Karaköy and number of wonderful seacoasts! I fell in love with Bebek`s seacoast!

I was really surprised by its beauty! It was breathless emotions and real happiness.

And of course food! I tried here as much as I could. köfte, kumpir, pide were really delicious!

And I was really mad about all deserts here. That’s why my lovely Lokum and Baklava were in my top. Incredibly delicious!

At the beginning of my project, I created my own wish list with all food and sightseeing that I would like to visit. And now I am completely satisfied because I’ve done all these «points» on my list... Hmm… pardon! Not all staffs… Cause this city each day shows you more and more opportunities, opens you its new unexplored sides. Each day you will find new things to wonder. So, this wish list will never end.

So, I extremely would like…I wish to be back here. To continue my exploration of Turkey, to open one more time Istanbul. And what about you? Open for yourselves your own Istanbul!

-Valeriia Antonenko (Short-term volunteer from Ukraine)

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