Göksu ÖZ from Turkey Volunteered for 2 Months in Ukraine - Sumy

Göksu ÖZ from Turkey Volunteered for 2 Months in Ukraine - Sumy

I always saw in EVS a great opportunity. An experience in a foreign country, for free, to volunteer in different fields. It was my second and last EVS.

The first month was mainly dedicated to this, getting to know the place, the people, the way people work and of course, how we organize our working time. Basically, I worked in different schools of Sumy. As EVS volunteers we conducted Euroclubs and some other group activities. During my EVS I realized, how much I do like teaching.

I met so many friends all around the world and I learned cultures of many countries because of this project, such as Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, USA and of course Ukraine.

From this experience, I take out endless new life lessons. A wonderful opportunity to travel and discover a new culture, challenge myself by working in English, learning to take initiative and be independent… I truly consider my EVS as the most complete experience in my life so far, I had ups and downs, which is a necessity in my opinion. One thing is sure, I will never forget this place and how it had been influencing my life.

It has been a great adventure for me. I will really miss Sumy and its people.

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