Changing The Coronavirus Process into an Oppurtunity?

Changing The Coronavirus Process into an Oppurtunity?

Let’s sweep aside the bad news that we get every day. Coronavirus may be a process in which we can consolidate a little, increase your motivation, and further explore ourselves. It's a bit strange for me too but let's try to convince ourselves.

Who means what with the “New World Order” term? How the education system is getting into a  changing process? How will the “Social Distance” effect on our society who likes embracing? I am cutting off these political questions with a speech of Aziz Sancar’ and shooting a glance at what can be done in this process?

“Try Something new for 30 days” We can put new habits into our lives by trying the idea of an American thinker Morgan Spurlock, to do something new for 30 days.  This issue, which I encounter in a TED video, is a real opportunity to get rid of our unwanted habits and to conduct the behaviors that we want to make a habit, isn’t it?

So what can we do? We can get a habit of drinking sugar-free tea and fight against diabetes. We can do exercises every day and put our bodies into a sporty shape. We can add a habit of reading and broaden our horizons. We can travel the world from Google Maps and add the places we like to the future planning list. We can improve our dexterity by watching videos that will improve our dexterity from Youtube videos. We can start writing on blog sites and get writing experience. We can make simple applications with simple coding, -connected with our department- we can add subtitles to Youtube videos, in order to improve our language skills, we can watch plenty of series/movies, and try to oral and documentary translation.

After listing what we do individually, we shouldn't forget to spend a lot of time with our family. We should know the value of every opportunity, increase our decreased communications, and put their troubles on our own troubles and evaluate them that way … We shouldn’t forget them.

“Crises are an opportunity to change habits and create new ones”

(Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habits,2012)

Hope to reach the days when everything is better and better

M.Sami Önk

(Translation, Interpreting)

Sami Önk

About Author

Hello I m sami from Kayseri in Turkey. I m student at Kafkas University. My major are Translator and interpreting of English French and Turkish. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and mom and dad.I m friendly and helpfun. I can be relax while in a complex

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