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+++ Call for volunteers for a long-term ESC-Project at an LGBTQ+ organization in Berlin +++

The Sonntags-Club e.V. is an LGBTQ+ cultural and educational center in Berlin that has got years of experience with the Erasmus+ / European Voluntary Service / European Solidarity Corps, both as a sending, hosting and coordinating organization, both for individual exchanges and youth exchanges.

Through the inclusion of international volunteers, the Sonntags-Club e.V. pursues the goal of promoting social acceptance and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex and transgender citizens as well as empowering LGBTQ+ people and their relatives for social emancipation in Europe. Volunteers allow for socio-cultural exchange between countries and strengthen the networking of Europe's LGBTQ+ community. During the ESC, there will be an insight into the day-to-day work of the organization in the following areas: educational and cultural events, weekly about 20 group meetings, administrative tasks, advice on all questions and problems of queer life and networking. Volunteers will also have the chance to step outside the Sonntags-Club and visit other LGBTQ+ spaces and events, getting an opportunity to learn about Berlin's queer project landscape.

Now we are searching for a volunteer (18-30 years) with LGBTQ+ background or connection to the community for our next project starting earliest in October 2020. We are aiming to develop the topic of the project together with the next volunteer, according to their interests. Therefore, we are looking for applicants who can present a rough idea for their LGBTQ+ related topic, so that we can shape the project proposal accordingly.

Send your application including your CV and cover letter, explaining your motivation and presenting your project idea to:

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